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Alfa Centaur Ltd. was founded in 1996 in Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria. At that time I was a Sales Manager of TNT Express Worldwide - Bulgaria, but decided to leave the secure job in the big company and to follow my first love- the horses. Riding since I was a child, I have always dreamed to have a stable and beautiful horses in it and to connect my business to my hobby. Supported by my family, I bought a specialized truck for horses and using my wide acquaintance, started the business.

Still in the first year our company became the Bulgarian leader in the field of the international horse transport and trade. Now our services range over all of the equine activities: horse sports, horse breeding, international horse transport and trade, equestrian tourism, riding school for children and adults.

The Stable and the Riding Club came into reality just in 1999, when we bought a land near to the town of Sevlievo in the middle of Bulgaria. We have got show-jumpers, endurance and 3-day event horses. They are living freely on big pastures in the most natural way. We take care for them with love and understanding and they answer us with the same. We and our first horses became explorers of the splendid Balkan fore-mountains around the stable. This region is not densely populated and you could ride hours without seeing any human activity. We think this is one of the greatest advantages of Bulgaria - you could go wherever you like with no forbidden paths and roads.

The riding here is a real adventure in the beautiful nature, where you can meet a lot of wild animals - roes, deers, foxes, hares, wild boars, jackals and a lot of birds. We and our friends started making longer and longer rides and building proper riding paths to all the landmarks in that area. Highly excited of this magnificent experience, we were anxious to share our happiness with as many people as possible. Here you can feel the harmony between the man and the surrounding world in one of the best ways, on horseback!

That is how we decided to organize professionally riding holidays for our guests. If you wish to enjoy exiting moments, riding among the beautiful, wild, untouched Bulgarian nature, going wherever you like with no forbidden roads, just contact us! We will show you the spectacular sceneries of our land in the best possible way- from the horseback. As a part of this experience, we will give you some interesting extras like bow shooting, rafting and cultural tours around the historical landmarks. We welcome you to discover the secrets and the hospitality of Bulgaria.

Yours truly,

Alexander Tonev