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Five-day riding trail


Skalsko Rocks, Dryanovo Monastery, Veliko Tarnovo, Ethnographic Complex "Etara", Teutonic lake "Belyakovets" and Natural reservation - "Vitata Stena"
(five-day riding holiday in the Central Balkan fore-mountains)

If you have a few free days and want to run away from the civilization, spending exciting moments in the nature, submerging in the beauty of Sevlievo region, than join us for a ride on excellent horses!

  • Meeting point:
    The riding club "Alfa Centaur", placed 9 km from the town of Sevlievo or anywhere in Bulgaria, upon your request.

  • Time period:
    available every day, all seasons.

  • Ability:
    novice and higher ability riders.

  • Maximum weight limit of the riders:
    100 kg

  • Minimum number of riders:

  • Maximum number of riders:

  • Average hours on the saddle:

  • Pace:
    normally we are going 60 % walking, 30 % trotting and 10 % cantering. This proportion could be changed according to the requirements and the abilities of the riders.

  • Equipment:
    - saddles and tacks: we have both Western and English high quality saddles: Ortho-Flex, Passier, McClellan and other good models.
    - we recommend you to have: riding hat, riding boots or chaps, raincoat and warm clothes.

  • Horses:
    We have Shagya Arabs, East-Bulgarian breed, Anglo-Arabs and cross-bred horses - all well broken and calm. The height of the horses is from 150 to 165 cm.

  • Accommodation for the nights:
    In cozy hotels.

  • Meals:
    The midday meals are in the open-air during the passages or in hotels and they consist of warm food, wine and warm up drinks, all included in the price. We offer ecologically clean food; international and traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

  • Accompanying children and young people:
    Over 14 years.

  • Additional activities:
    Bow-shooting, rowing, fishing, cultural tour around the historical landmarks.

  • Additional information:
    1 guide - rider leads the group.

Description of the trail:

  • Day 1
    - Pick-up at the airport or anywhere in Bulgaria and start to the town of Sevlievo.
    - Arrival at a hotel (with a swimming pool and sauna), placed 10 km from the stable.
    - Dinner and night at the hotel.

  • Day 2
    - Breakfast at the guesthouse.
    - Arrival at the stable.
    - Choosing and saddling the horses and start to Gesha View. The route passes through the village of Skalsko, remarkable with its outstanding hat-shaped rocks.
    - Lunch in the open fields.
    - Ride and arrival at the Gesha View compllex.
    - Later we visit the famous Dryanovo Monastery, surviving in one epic battle from the time of the Ottoman slavery. A guide from the Monastery museum will advise you about the most interesting moments of the Bulgarian history.
    - Visit of the Dryanovo cave "Bacho Kiro" with its amazing acoustic "music hall".
    - Night and dinner in the Monastery hotel.
    - Riding time - about 5 hours.

  • Day 3
    - Breakfast in the hotel.
    - Visit by car of the old Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo.

    Well fortified hill has been the house of the Bulgarian tsar (king) and the aristocracy for 2 centuries. The castle and Orthodox churches that have survived from the Middle Ages are telling stories of one impressive history. The year 1185 began with omens. The winter happened to be so mild that the fruit trees all over Europe blossomed even in January.The Bulgarians connected this "God's omen" with the hope of restoring their state, which had been subdued by the Roman 167 years ago. The brothers, Assen and Peter, which owned a miraculous icon, fascinated the people in the church on the day of St.Dimitar and leaded them to an armed uprising. Byzantine rule was swept away to the north of the Balkan Mountains. On the 9 of April 1205 the army of the Fourth Crusade took the capital of Byzantium - Constantinople and founded their own Latin Empire, led by the count of Flanders, Boduen. Tsar Kaloyan (the younger brother of Assen and Peter) attempted to conclude peace with the knights, but they refused haughtily the offered hand. The eventful clash occurred on 14 April 1205 near to Adrianopolis (present Edirne). The army of count Louis was defeated and the Emperor Boduen was captured and taken to the capital Veliko Tarnovo, where later died.

    - Riding back northwest through beautiful wild forests, meadows and creeks.
    - Lunch in the open air.
    - Arrival at a guest house, located in the village of Zhivko.
    - Dinner and night in the guesthouse.
    - Riding time - about 5 hours.

  • Day 4
    - Breakfast in the guesthouse.
    - Visit by car of the ethnographic complex of "Etara" in the very heart of the Veregava (Balkan) Mountain, placed 30 km Southeast from Skalsko.
    - Riding alongside the Teutonic lake "Belyakovets", staying untouched on the top of the rocky plateau for thousands of years.
    - Continuing after that through an old forest and climbing to the foot of the famous rocky chain (10 km long and more than 120 m high!) "Vitata Stena", which is Natural Reservation.
    - Lunch in the open-air.
    - Arrival at the guest house, dinner and night there.
    - Riding time - about 4 hours.

  • Day 5
    - Breakfast.
    - Leaving for the Airport.

  • PRICE: 700 EUR, all inclusive, except hard drinks.
    Single supplement: 60 EUR