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One & Two-day riding trails


1-Day Riding Holidays
in the Central Balkan foremountains

If you want to spend a nice weekend or just one day in the nature, submerging in the beauty of Sevlievo region, than take a ride on excellent horses and saddles and relax! We offer 5 different exciting routes. These short holidays are very flexible and depend on your requirements. You could come early in the morning, make the trail and leave in the evening or you could stay for 2-3 days and make few different 1-day trails, returning every night in one and the same hotel. You could come by your own car or we could pick you up anywhere in Bulgaria. Just contact us and inform us what you would like to do and we will organize it.

  • Meeting point:
    The riding club "Alfa Centaur", placed 9 km from the town of Sevlievo or anywhere in Bulgaria, upon your request.

  • Time period:
    available every day, all seasons.

  • Ability:
    novice and higher ability riders.

  • Maximum weight limit of the riders:
    100 kg

  • Minimum number of riders:

  • Maximum number of riders:

  • Average hours on the saddle:

  • Pace:
    normally we are going 60 % walking, 30 % trotting and 10 % cantering. This proportion could be changed according to the requirements and the abilities of the riders.

  • Equipment:
    - saddles and tacks: we have both Western and English high quality saddles: Ortho-Flex, Passier, McClellan and other good models.
    - we recommend you to have: riding hat, riding boots or chaps, raincoat and warm clothes.

  • Horses:
    We have Shagya Arabs, East-Bulgarian breed, Anglo-Arabs and cross-bred horses - all well broken and calm. The height of the horses is from 150 to 165 cm.

  • Accommodation for the nights:
    In a cozy family hotel, placed 15 km from the stable. The hotel offers sauna, swimming pool, fitness hub and a volleyball playground.

  • Meals:
    The midday meals are in the open-air during the passages or in hotels and they consist of warm food, wine and warm up drinks, all included in the price. We offer ecologically clean food; international and traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

  • Accompanying children and young people:
    Over 14 years.

  • Additional information:
    1 guide - rider leads the group.

From the stable, placed 9 km eastward from the town of Sevlievo to one of the following landmarks or places for rest, and back to the stable:

  1. The Teutonic lake route -
    The natural reservation - Teutonic lake "Belyakovets", staying untouched on the top of the mountain plateau for thousands of years. Lunch in the open-air around the lake. Riding time in both directions - about 4 hours.
  2. The rocky chain route -
    The rocky chain "Vitata stena", which offers a perfect view to the highest Balkan mountain pick- "Botev". Lunch in the open-air. Riding time in both directions - about 5 hours.
  3. Skalsko village route -
    The village of Skalsko, surrounded by amazing high rocks with a shape of a hat. Lunch in a hotel, placed on the shore of a small lake. Rowing and fishing in the lake is possible. Riding time in both directions - about 5 hours.
  4. Bogatovo lake route -
    The "Bogatovo" lake, placed northwest of the stable. Rowing by boat and fishing is possible in the lake. Lunch in the open-air. Riding time in both directions - about 3 hours.
  5. Ancient Fortress -
    The Middle Age fortress "Hotalich" is situated Northwest from Sevlievo on the high point of the shore, of Rositsa River. From the place is opening a magnificent view over the whole valley of the river. Lunch in the open-air. The riding time in both directions - about 5 hours.
PRICE: For more price information please contact us.