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"The Kingdom of The Tracians" - Special Edition

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9-day riding through antiquity - ancient Thracians sanctuaries and temples, antique Roman Imperial Residence and Bulgarian National Revival towns.

This trail ride goes through Bulgarian Rose Valley and Sredna Gora Mountain - the land of the Thracians, the mineral sources, the roses and lavender. The main goal of this carefully designed holiday is to give great pleasure to your body, senses and mind. This trail ride offers you an extraordinary combination of the physical loading of the riding with the strengthening SPA treatments and the refreshing massages. During the holiday you will enjoy the delicious food, prepared from wholesome local produce and samples of famous Bulgarian wines. Galloping through the boundless meadows, riding through oak, beech and pine forests you will become one with the virgin nature of Sredna Gora Mountains and you will discover part of the archaeological, historical and architectural landmarks, hidden in them.

  • Itinerary:
    From to the town of Hissar to the village of Starosel, the village of Krasnovo, , Belo Kamene hut, the town of Koprivstica, the town of Strelcha, the village of Krustevich and end up in the village of Starosel.

  • Dates for 2019:
    From May 25 to June 02;

  • Meeting point:
    Sofia Airport.

  • Ability:
    Novice and higher ability riders.

  • Number of riders:

  • Average hours on the saddle:|

  • Pace:
    Varing from walking on the steeper slopes to a fast pace on the open spaces which are great for long canters.
    Usually we are riding 40 % walking, 30 % trotting and 30 % cantering. This proportion could be changed according to the requirements and the abilities of the riders.

  • Equipment:
    - saddles and tacks: we have both Western and English high quality saddles: Ortho-Flex and Podium.
    - we recommend you to have: riding helmet(obligatory), riding boots or chaps, raincoat and warm clothes, spray against insects, sun protection cream.

  • Horses:
    We have Shagya and pure Arabs, East-Bulgarian breed and crossbred horses with Akhal-Teke blood - all well-trained and calm.
    The height of the horses is from 150 to 165 cm.

  • The riding guides:
    The riding guides are experienced and professional and know all the horses and routes well. They have a sound knowledge and awareness of safety, of looking after horses and guests out on a ride. The leading guide is able to take sole charge of riders and to encourage them to enjoy riding, to plan together with them riding time and breaks.

  • Maximum weight limit of the riders:
    95 kg.

  • Accommodation:
    In high quality hotels or in guest houses, in double rooms with WC and shower. Swimming pools and sauna are available in 4 of the nights.

  • Meals:
    All-inclusive, except for the hard drinks; The hotels and guest houses provide breakfasts and dinners and they offer traditional local dishes. The midday meals are in the open-air during the passages and they consist of warm food, beer, cold and warm drinks. We offer ecologically clean food, international and traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

  • Additional activities:
    SPA treatments, swimming, wine tasting, visit to the ancient Roman town Dioclecianopolis, visit to the Thracian complex in Kazanluk, sightseeing.

  • Accompanying children and young people:
    Over 12 years. All the accompanying non-riders will have the possibility to participate in all the above mentioned additional activities.

  • Additional information:
    A jeep follows the group, brings the luggage and supplying food 3 times a day.

Description of the trail

  • Day 1:
    - Pick up from Sofia Airport and transfer to the town of Hissar, placed 180 km South-east from the capital.
    - Accommodation in a hotel with mineral swimming pool and sauna.
    - Welcome dinner and night at the hotel.

    Hissar health resort

    The Hissar health resort is situated almost in the centre of Bulgaria, on the southern slopes of Sredna Gora Mountin, 336 m above sea level. The first settlers of the small valley where the town is situated were Thracians from the Besi tribe. Eventually, the area was reached by Macedonians, but it was not until Roman times when Hissar developed into a large town and resort, called Dioclecianopolis, after the Roman emperor Dioclecian /284 - 305 AD/. The town was built according to all requirements of Roman town planning - with wide, straight streets, decorated with statues of gods and goddesses, with marble baths, beautiful palaces and villas for Roman aristocracy. To protect the town from enemy invasions, it was surrounded with a wall raised by the skilful hands of Thracian master-builders.

  • Day 2:
    - Breakfast in the hotel.
    - Panoramic tour of the town of Hissar.
    You will visit the remains of a fortress wall of an ancient Roman town "Dioclecianopolis", the third largest town in the ancient province of Thrace, after Philipopolis (Plovdiv) and Beroe (Stara Zagora). The wall is one of the best preserved of its kind not only in Bulgaria, but also on the entire Balkan Peninsula!
    - Saddling the horses and preparing for start.
    - Ride among beautiful nature around the village of Starosel.
    - Picnic next to Matenitsa village.
    - In the afternoon you will ride to the village of Krasnovo, famous with its mineral baths, situated on the southern slopes of Sredna Gora Mountain next to a big dam.
    - Accommodation and dinner in the new SPA Hotel Agua Termi. Before dinner you will try the aquatic relaxation procedures and massages and swim in the mineral water pool.
    - About 28 km (4 hours) of riding.

  • Day 3:
    - Breakfast at the hotel.
    - Start from Krasnovo village and ride through hills and oak forests to the village Starosel, which made a sensation in the year 2000 when the archaeological expedition lead by Dr. George Kitov found for the world "the largest preserved Thracian king complex with a temple-mausoleum in Southeast Europe".
    - Your guide will escort you to visit the recently found Thracian cult complex, still in excavation. Learn about the mysterious Thracians and their amazing cultural heritage and historic significance.
    - Picnic on the beautiful meadow next to the temple.
    - In the afternoon you will ride upwards to reach the cosy Belo Kamene hotel - situated into the heart of the mountain, surrounded by amaizing pine & beach forests and crystal streams.
    - Dinner with local meals end wine.
    - About 19 km (3 hours) riding.

    The Thracian cult complex in Starosel

    The suppositions are that the temple is from the time of the Thracian king Sitalk, even his own. The rich findings in the stone-built tomb date from the end of the fifth and the beginning of the fourth century BC. A main staircase with monumental corridor, ritual landing and two chambers, leads to the temple. The entrance is outlined with slabs with plastic and colour decoration. The inside area is a round, domed chamber with semi-columns and colour ornaments, where the initiated established connection with gods. It is surrounded by a 263 yard long wall made out of some 4000 stone blocks and was hidden under a 20 m high mound of earth.

  • Day 4:
    - Breakfast in the hotel.
    - Ride trough the forest via the foot of Bogdan peak (1603m.) to the wilderness of Sredna Gora mountain with an unique view from the top to 5 main mountains in Bulgaria.
    - Picnic at the beutiful meadow next to peak Bogdan.
    - In the afternoon riding continues to Koprivshtitsa town- one of the centers of the Bulgarian Revival, which is an unique architectural reservation.
    - You will be accommodated in the new hotel ”Eagle Rock”.
    - Dinner in the cosy restaurant of the hotel.

    The town of Koprivshtitsa is situated near to the Topolnitsa river at 1060 meters above the sea level. It is a town - museum and unique settlement in Bulgaria, which has preserved in compactness over 250 patterns of the Bulgarian Revival Period architecture. The greatest wealth of Koprivshtitsa are its Revival Period houses with colorful courtyards, surrounded with high stone walls and gates, the disorderly built curved and narrow cobblestone little streets and plots, the numerous stone fountain contributes to the attractiveness of the little town. Part of these houses were turned into museums.

    - About 28 km (5 hours) riding.

  • Day 5:
    - Breakfast at the hotel.
    - After breakfast, you will have 2 hours ride in the neighbouring wilderness of Koprivshtitsa.
    - Lunch at a restaurant in the town and then you will have a guided tour of the old town of Koprivshtitsa. You will visit some of the most interesting Museums in the town.
    - Enjoy some free time for shopping and exploring the charming galleries, craftsman shops and coffee retreats.
    - Dinner and night in the hotel.
    - About 12 km (2 hour) riding.

  • Day 6:
    - Breakfast at the hotel.
    - You will ride trough the untouched forest to the SPA resort Strelcha and go on the very top of the beautiful peak “Wolf”-1240m, with an amazing panoramic view to the Tracian plane and the surrounding mountains.
    - Picnic under the cosy wooden shelter few kilometres down the peak “Wolf”.
    - Overnight in a SPA hotel with hot mineral pool and massage centre.
    - Before and after dinner you will have a time to relax with massage and swim in the mineral water pool.
    - Dinner in the local pub in national style.
    - About 25 km (6 hours) riding.

  • Day 7:
    - Breakfast in the hotel.
    - You will ride trough the rose fields and nice vineyards, oak forests and fields.
    - Picnic next to the village of Krustevich.
    - You will be accommodated in a beautiful vinery complex in Starosel, where many animals live freely in the gardens. A copy of the Starosel Thracian Temple is made in the cellar of the complex. When you stand in its center, your voice sounds like coming from the Cosmos, but only you hear it. This is a part of the Thracian mysteries.
    - In the evening enjoy a Farewell dinner and wine tasting.
    - About 28 km (5 hours) riding.

  • Day 8:
    - After breakfast you start to the town of Kazanlak, where the traditional Rose Festival will take place. Participation in the Festival.
    - Lunch in a restaurant in Kazanlak.
    - Dinner and night in a hotel “Therma” in Yagoda Village, next to Kazanlak.

  • Day 9:
    - Breakfast in the hotel.
    - Visit of the Thracian temple in Kazanlak and start to Sofia.
    - Departure from Sofia Airport.
    PRICE: 1480 EUR (hard drinks are not included).
    Single supplement: + 160 EUR