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Why with us?

- Bulgaria is "new, hot destination" and Alfa Riders's goal is to show our guests the spectacular sceneries of the country in the best possible way - on the horseback.
- We have designed and deliver the best quality in the field of riding holidays for small groups like-minded people.
- We put high priority in wild and untouched scenic nature with good riding terrain.
- We have a great love for horses. Our horses are well trained and balanced and suitable not only for advanced but for first time riders, too.
- We use only high quality saddles and tack, because we want both horses and riders to feel comfortable during the long rides.
- We train and develop our personnel stuff. Our ride leaders are able to take sole charge of first time riders or more experienced riders. They have a sound knowledge and awareness of safety, of taking care after the quests and horses out on a ride.
- We have a good relationship with local municipalties and we can count on their full support and co-operation.

More about Bulgaria

- We welcome you to discover one of the best kept secrets of Europe - Bulgaria - a beautiful, mountainous country that offers travellers untouched villages, rich spiritual traditions, spectacular granite peaks, deep rivers, green valleys, blue sea, and an Old World culture with an impressive history.
- The oldest Bulgarian state was situated near the big town of Balh at the foothills of West Pamir (Asia) and was called by the people of the East Balhara, Bulh or Bulghar. The most typical peculiarity of these people is that since antiquity their main spiritual benchmark has been the law of male honour. Unlike many other people in which aristocratic titles and privileges have been hereditary, Bulgarians thought that only the wealth could become a legacy; titles had to be earned by everyone by individual distinction. That is why there even the children of the greatest rulers lived by the strict law of honour and prepared since childhood to become people with their own value in life. The ancient Bulgarians built an well organized state and a culture, unifying on the principle of equality of rights the disorganized population of Slavs living in this land.
Founded in 681 a.c. in the middle of the Balkan peninsula, our country is a cross-road between the East and the West, the South and the North. Surviving after the invasions of many conquerors, Bulgaria is now a country with a rich history, where the past and future meet. Covered for 50 years behind the "Iron curtain", nowadays Bulgaria is financially stable and well developing, famous with its sea-side and mountain resorts. God has blessed this small land with Rila, Pirin, Balkan, Stranja, Sredna gora and Rhodopa Mounts - as beautiful as the Alps, having amazing river canyons and waterfalls, caves, crystal clear lakes and wild forests. One country, which is not so appropriated by the civilization and its nature is still pure and untouched. While the cities are getting modern and urbanized, in the country side you could meet remains of the old times.
- When the Bulgarians appeared in Europe 18 centuries ago, they astonished the neighbouring people mainly with two of their qualities- courage and sharp feeling for justice. The Bulgarians of today are friendly and hospitable people. They are always ready to help the foreigners, even if both sides do not speak one and the same language. Bulgarian cuisine is a mix between Oriental and European traditions, but has its own specific and delicious taste, which will satisfy even the biggest gastronomic requirements.
- Bulgarians were deeply connected to their horses. The history tells us curious facts. The great Hungarian scholar Professor Geza Feher (1890-1955) have written: "We have no evidence of horseshoes in the Romans and the Byzantines. And we do not find horseshoes in European peoples either; nor do we find them in Hun and Avar graves. We must admit that the Bulgarians used the horseshoe for the first time in Europe and that the Byzantines adopted it from them". In "Strategicon" by Psudomavrikius (7th century) is written: "The horses, which the Bulgarians use in battle, graze freely on the meadows and nobody can ride them except in wartime. If they catch someone riding them at other times, they would kill him".
- If you wish to enjoy exciting moments, riding in this splendid different world, going wherever you like with no forbidden roads, we are waiting for you! The relief is smooth and pleasant and you will see the spectacular sceneries of our land in the best possible way- from the horse back. As a part of this experience, we will give you some interesting extras: rowing in lake, bow-shooting, cultural tour around the historical landmarks and special party nights.
- Free choice: if you are a group of friends and want to make a trail in a suitable for you time, out of our schedule, just contact us by phone or E-mail, tell us your preferable arriving dates and we will find a solution.
- Winter rides are possible.