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 International horse transport

We at “Alfa Centaur”Ltd. have over 16 years of experience in transporting horses across Europe and worldwide. The company is based near the town of Sevlievo, Bulgaria and has its own approved stables for 30 horses and fleet of specialized horseboxes. Using the latest vehicles & trailers, we ensure that your horses arrives at its destination calm and in good health. We care for all horses, no matter if its a Shetland pony or a priceless sport horse.


Our fleet of horseboxes is modern and convenient for all types of horses. It is driven by very capable and devoted people who take care properly for the horses they transport. The staff and the horseboxes provide:

Transport of 28 big horses or 30 arabians or riding ponies in separate horseboxes at once

We offer different sizes of trailers – for 2, 4, 6 or 7 horses

Experienced and knowledgeable drivers

Expert loading of the horses

Adjustable stalls and partitions

Non-slip floor

Low height loading ramp and comfortable non-waving travel

Water and feed available throughout the journey

Competent veterinary help in case of emergency

Two experienced and knowledgeable drivers accompany the horses on all journeys and can be contacted any time.

On board cameras monitor the condition of the horses at all times, allowing the drivers to react quickly to any problems that may occur. Feed and water is carried on board and special dietary needs can be meet. Using a network of stables across Europe and Turkey enables all horses to be rested every night, making the journey easier for them.

Export & Import Paperwork

Our competent and experienced staff are familiar with all the paperwork requirements of international horse transport and we can deal with all export and import documents from/to the EU, such as:

Export Licence

Export/Import Laboratory blood test

Export Health Certificate

Invoices & Customs Declaration

Certificate of Origin

TIR and ATA Carnet

Having a good partnership with agents in other countries, we can manage with all the paperwork regulations for the various states, through which your horses will be transported and with the import requirements for the final destination. We can transport horses between any points in EC, helping the sender to prepare all the necessary veterinary documents. Also we have an essential experience in transporting horses by air to different countries in the world.

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